Lorraine Oberg

" My passion for the art is in the process; the process is the result of that passion."


Lorraine realizes her passion for the arts in her paintings. Coming from a Ukrainian heritage (nee Kereliuk), a father who loved his violin and a mother whose rich creative persona enveloped the entire family, resulted in Lorraine's deep appreciation of art and music.

Studies in the arts include; Banff Centre for the Arts, Pottery West, Pros Art Studio and Gallery, visiting art museums and studying the works of the masters.

"The process of creating a great painting as in a beautiful song is in the harmony... harmony between the creator and that which is created.

I see my style somewhere between naturalism and classical realism. My paintings are an extension of my love of family , life music and the art."

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Work from the Heart



I am willing to undertake commissioned work , please feel free to contact me.